A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

Pink poppy panna cotta fish with marinated berries #recipe #gourmet guerrilla My beloved son starts horrified at the dessert. "There are black dots in there, Mom!" Upsi. Since I actually did not think that poppy might meet with 6-year-olds may be displeased. Big displeasure. And a big conflict of conscience: it's pink, it's dessert and probably cute - but full of black dots. Should you eat something or not? "Are these ants?" The child asks sadly. "No, my darling - that's poppy," I say timidly. He looks at me with huge sad eyes "Why did you put that in there?" Well. Why, actually?

Because I found these great fish shapes at the flea market. And because a food manufacturer has sent me a cooler full of cream to create something for a blogger cookbook. And because you can do tons of cream with great Panna Cotta in the new fish shapes. And because conventional Panna Cotta has become at least as boring as this eternal tomato-mozarella-caprese-thing. And because thanks to my colleague Franticek, I came up with the great idea to pimp all the fun with poppy seeds. That's why.

Now I feel bad. I spoiled my son's dessert.

"Do you like a large portion of the berry salad?" I ask him. He nods and pulls off into the living room with a large bowl - happy that he does not have to eat that obscure pink stuff with black dots as well. I spread the rest of the berries around my pink fish, let it swim a bit in the berry sea and do not feel so bad anymore. First, berries are delicious and healthy, and second, much more is left over for adults. Dad, Auntie Gäibi, Aunt Anika and Mom are eating pink poppy-panna cotta with berry salad and find it delicious.

A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

The Panna Cotta is more likely to be restrained and later gets the support of the ripe berries.

A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

A few droplets of food color conjure up the extra dessert effect: It's pink!
If you do not fancy food coloring, just leave it out.

A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

Actually you could just lick the whole bowl ...

A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

I hold myself back and fill the Panna Cotta mass rather in the fish form. If you - like me - want to use an irregular bottomed pudding mold, you can easily put them in dried peas for a straight stand. Also put in the fridge until the panna cotta is firm.Peel the shell 1 untreated lemon thinly, add it to the pot and bring the cream mixture to a boil once. Set aside and allow to cool slightly. After a few minutes, remove the lemon zest.

Soak 5 sheets of gelatine in a deep plate in cold water . Then fish out of the water with your hands. Dissolve in the warm poppy cream. If you're in the mood for a pink dessert, stir in a few drops of red food coloring (I still had some of the Christmas cookies left over). Chill the poppy cream until it starts to gel. Stir occasionally.

400 g of cream with 1 pinch of salt until stiff and stir in the pea-seeded pea.

The poppy seed Panna-Cotta in 8 small jars of 200 ml (Wake-up jars are always so nice) or a pudding fill and leave to solidify for several hours or overnight in the fridge .

Berry Salad

400g Blueberry and 400g Strawberry Wash and possibly remove stems and flower bud. Halve or quarter the strawberries and mix gently with the blueberries in a bowl. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar over the berries and let it steep.

Serving in glasses

The berry salad on the panna Spoon the cotta into the glasses. Separate leftover salad to serve in a bowl.
Serving on a plate
Dip the pudding into warm water just below the rim and drop it onto a plate. Spread the berries around it on the leaf.

Tip: If you like, you can still garnish Panna Cotta with chopped pistachios and/or mint leaves .

A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

A pink poppy panna cotta fish swims in the berry sea

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