Discover Delicious Pizza Rolls: Top Brands and Where to Find Them

When it comes to quick, convenient, and delicious snacks, pizza rolls are a popular choice. Originating from the classic Italian dish, these bite-sized treats are perfect for parties, game nights, or just a simple snack. While Totino’s might be the most well-known brand, there are several other companies that produce these tasty morsels. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top brands that make pizza rolls and where you can find them.

Totino’s Pizza Rolls

As the original creator of pizza rolls, Totino’s is a brand that many people are familiar with. Their pizza rolls come in a variety of flavors, including cheese, pepperoni, and combination. You can find Totino’s Pizza Rolls at most grocery stores, as well as online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Annie’s Pizza Poppers

Annie’s, a brand known for its organic and natural products, also makes pizza rolls. Called Pizza Poppers, these snacks are made with organic wheat flour and real cheese. They come in three flavors: Uncured Pepperoni, Three Cheese, and Combination. Annie’s Pizza Poppers can be found at most grocery stores, as well as online at Amazon and the Annie’s website.

Great Value Pizza Snack Rolls

Great Value, Walmart’s store brand, also offers pizza snack rolls. These are similar to Totino’s in terms of flavor options, offering cheese, pepperoni, and combination. As a store brand, Great Value Pizza Snack Rolls are typically more affordable than other brands. They can be found at Walmart stores and on the Walmart website.

Amy’s Pizza Snacks

Amy’s is a brand that specializes in organic and vegetarian foods, and their pizza snacks are no exception. Made with organic tomatoes and flour, these pizza rolls are a healthier alternative to some of the other options. Amy’s Pizza Snacks come in two flavors: Cheese and Spinach. They can be found at most grocery stores, as well as online at Amazon and the Amy’s website.


While Totino’s may be the most well-known brand, there are plenty of other delicious pizza roll options out there. Whether you’re looking for something organic, vegetarian, or just a different flavor, there’s a pizza roll brand for you. So next time you’re craving a quick and tasty snack, consider trying one of these top pizza roll brands.