Test & Taste: Go for Gold! With the Esslack of The Deli Garage

After working on the culinary supply last time, we're here today very adorable Kinkerlitzchen at Test & Taste: ESSLACK by THE DELI GARAGE. One can not really say that you need this edible golden spray paint to survive. No. Honestly not. But for exciting games and unusual plate experiments - makes the stuff just great fun! I'm blown away.

Gold only in the kitchen was yesterday. Golden biscuits? Golden Gugelhupf? Really golden toast? Whatever you can imagine in a güldener shell on your plate is now dyed rucki-zucki noble. Of course, absolutely tasteless, with food colors from a small Manufakur - and with a very attractive packaging. Now you can legally become a sprayer.

You are just as crazy (after the Esslack) as I am and want to spray immediately? Nothing easier than that!

Feel like a can of ESSLACK GOLD by THE DELI GARAGE? Here's how to get involved:

Leave a comment until September 21st, 2012 to see what you really want to see in gold on your plate .
• A random generator selects a tester who will receive the can of Esslack Gold by post among all those interested.
• The tester sends me a photo with his favorite golden object and a short feedback on the product. Both will be published here on GourmetGuerilla (depending on our liking) anonymously or by mentioning your blog/homepage.
• Legal recourse is of course excluded. Cash payments are out of the question. The prize can only be sent if a postal address exists in Germany. Thanks.

Then we can start. Go for GOLD!